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Parkside Neighborhood Association

Representatives and contact information 

President: Emma Holder
Vice President: Larry Kelly
Secretaries: Elizabeth Kelly
Treasurer: Frank Turek

Herbert Adams
Kurt Holmgren
Marie Gray

Contact info:
Emma Holder
President, Parkside Neighborhood Association


Neighborhood Associations

The purpose of the PNA is to foster a sense of community and neighborhood among its members and fellow citizens; to work for the safety, cleanliness, and livability of its street and its homes; and to work for the preservation, restoration, promotion and appreciation of Deering Oaks Park and increasing public awareness of its unique values and heritage.

Monthly Meetings:
Monthly meetings 3rd Wednesday of every month 7:15 - 8:15 pm at the  Parkside Neighborhood Center, 85 Grant St, Corner of Mellen and Grant  streets.

Neighborhood boundaries:

 (map to be inserted)

 North:  Deering Oaks

 East:  Forest Avenue

 South:  Congress Street

 West:  St. John Street

Major Activities:  
Block party, Spring Cleanup, holiday parties.

The City of Portland provides space on its website for neighborhood associations to post current events. Neighborhood associations are created and controlled by their members, not by the City. The City does not verify and is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the information that they post on the City’s website. The City of Portland reserves the right to remove posted information at any time.